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Little kids can have big worries. When they begin expressing those worries many parents have no idea what the correct way is to respond to these concerns.

I believe that therapy with little ones works best when parents can be part of the process. This allows parents to learn how to be supportive of their children as well as gives them ability to support the therapeutic process by encouraging their children to practice skills learned in therapy outside of the therapy session.

Identify and Discuss Emotions

I spend a lot of time in therapy with children getting to know them and playing with them. The first few sessions I spend listening to them about whatever it is that they are willing to say. Children learn to trust people with big things by building up to that trust with small things.

My goal at the beginning of therapy is to build this trust and to increase the child’s ability to identify and discuss emotions. I assist clients in being able to understand what they are feeling and in being able to talk about those feelings with me as well as their parents. It is these skills and these abilities that create long-lasting changes in the family dynamics.

EMDR Therapy

I am also trained to use EMDR therapy with children. This is one of the most effective therapies in assisting children in dealing with difficult events in their past and overcoming the many emotional roadblocks that can crop up in childhood.


EMDR Therapy - Natalie Webber Counseling