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Adolescence is all about learning who you are and creating a true identity. This can be difficult to navigate with pressures from peers, messages from the media, and an increasing pressure to look, say and do everything right. These pressures can often leave teens feeling that no matter what they do, they lose.

Therapy is a safe place to discuss all these challenges. A third party is less judgmental.

My Approach to Teen Therapy

I structure my therapy sessions with teenagers based on what they feel they need at the time. This means that sessions can be done individually, as a family, with one parents or the other, or a sibling group.

I make it a policy when working with teens that I do not divulge any information about the teen unless they are in a place where they can hear and engage in the conversation. In order for any work in therapy to be completed I need them to know that they can tell me things without telling their parents at the same time.Adolescents - Natalie Webber Counseling