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About Us

About Natalie Webber Counseling

I started my bachelor’s degree with the full intention of doing whatever was necessary to become a juvenile court judge. Due to some family struggles I felt that many decisions made by the family court judges to be wrong and I was on a one woman crusade to right all of these wrongs. I entered college and enrolled in every political science course I could find and went to work.

All that changed the summer of my junior year. I had the opportunity to intern with a juvenile court judge. This was the first place where I was introduced to the field of counseling. The counselors I saw got to be a positive force in children’s lives by helping them to understand and change difficult behaviors. When I returned to school I enrolled in multiple psychology classes and began the application process for social work schools. I decided to attend Case Western Reserve University (CASE) in order to complete my graduate work.

Therapy is for children, adolescents, and adults

I loved my time at CASE and the opportunities I had in my internships to hone my therapeutic skills. It also gave me a greater understanding of where I could go and what I could do with my social work degree. During my internships I provided therapy to children and adolescents in the foster care system as well as adolescents struggling with substance use issues.

Once I completed graduate school, I moved to Arizona and have continued to provide therapeutic services to children and adults in both inpatient and outpatient settings. These experiences gave me the experience necessary to begin my private practice, Natalie Webber Counseling, in 2017.

Therapy supports your innate ability to heal

Being in private practice has given me additional opportunities to expand and grow in my profession. I am active in the Granite Mountain Psychological Society and well as study groups focusing on EMDR, therapy with children, and current research. These groups assist me in making sure that I am providing appropriate and up-to-date therapeutic services to my clients.

I believe that people have an innate ability and desire to heal. I love watching people learn to harness this ability to create positive and lasting changes in their lives. Outside of therapy I enjoy spending time with my family, serving on my local library board, and swimming with my daughter.